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Why RA6M2 Take Accurate Second Timekeeper

I am using FreeRTOS on the RA6M2, and what I need is a fairly accurate detention that works in the range of 1- 64 forevers. The software detention is way out in this range( 60us software detention turned out to be 84us), indeed when using critical task section and disabling irqs.

I have tried rather using a tackle timekeeper like below

This will not be veritably accurate but I was hoping the outflow would be small enough that I could ignore it. still, when I try this, the do while noway exits. For some reason the timekeeper counter keeps resetting indeed though this is a one shot timekeeper. Can someone tell me where I am going wrong with this? I am using the configurator in the e2Studio IDE to set up the timekeeper.

Any results to this problem will be appreciated.

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