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RA2L1 AES- 256 Encryption, Decryption Problem?

Hi Sir,

I found” R11AN0496EU0130“, and” R11AN0449EU0120“, but didn’t find any documentation on AES engine operation about RA2L1.

PC TOOL” Security Key Management Tool” does not support RA2L1

I also watch fsp document, but it does not help me important with following app confirmation.

FSP DOCUMENT : https// fsp/ group,r_m,p_s_a,c_r_y_p_t_o. html


PC (AES 256- bit encryption)-> RA2L1 (AES 256- bit decryption)-> device

Please give me the RA2L1 PC tool or some AES document (RA2L1) for our exhibition, thanks.

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