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How to reset factory chip STWLC38 without I2C link?


I have a custom board with a STWLC38JRM.

Everything was fine and I was able to flash it with STSW-WPSTUDIO v1.8.4 through the dev board STEVAL-WLC38RX and FT_SDA/FT_SCL/VBUS/AGND pins.

I attempt to make a few test and I disabled internal over temperature security in config. After that, I’m not able to connect to the STWLC38JRM once more. I attempted the chip with “RX” and “Empty” in WPSTUDIO without any victory. I as of now had a similar issue and the chip was in Empty state.

Is it possible to “factory reset” the chip without I2C link ?

Thank you.

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